Mycomedica hory

Petra Černocká

CernockaThe healing effects of mushrooms have long been known in traditional Chinese medicine. I’ve already been interested in all options of how to improve my health for a few years now, as – like the saying goes – we have only one health, I was pleased that Reishi, which is called the longevity mushroom, has also appeared in the market. 

Something like this is also said about our plant, Salvia (sage), which I already have in the garden, but I wouldn’t rely on it. I think it's good to add to our common diet, the origin of which we often don’t know today, some products, which will cleanse the organism and strengthen the immune system.

This is what Chinese medicines can do. Now finally, they’re also on our market, which will surely please those, who – like me – make efforts to do something extra for themselves and their health.

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